A Developed Africa

We envision an Africa with robust economy and advanced technological developments all spearheaded by patriotic citizens who are building and sustaining prosperous communities socially and economically as a result of transformational leadership.

Our Ambition

We train One Million Young African Leaders by 2030 in:

  • Leadership for a better Future
  • Sustainability
  • Social Innovation and Social Entrepreneurship

Successfull Campaigns

Our Mission

Create Change in a Chain Reaction Process

One Million African Leaders Program intends to harness the positive energy of African youth and help train a whole new generation of leaders across the continent, who can help put Africa on a more sustainable course

Quality Education

Our programs are designed to ensure everyone has access to quality education.

Economic Growth

We aim to achieve this through our training on Social Entrepreneurship across Africa.

Strong Institutions

Our trained leaders are groomed to take up leadership positions that will transform the African political space


We work with strong institutions from both private and public sectors while ensuring we all achieve our goals.

Our Staff & Volunteers

We are proud to have attracted best talents from all over the world with burning desire to see a well developed continent.

Peter David
Founding Mentor
Wale AKinyanmi
Founding Mentor
Ibe Christogonus Chidiebere
Founding Member
Lawrence Afere
Founding Member
Benjamin D. Yeagar Sr.
Founding Member
Irerinsola Adedoyin
Founding Member


Our actions are internally consistent and serve our stakeholders by working on sound ethical principles.


To achieve our goals, we go over and above in ensuring we are accountable for our results.

Modesty (humility)

We achieve better results because we encourage selflessness and dignity in all our processes, while maintaining stability.


We are committed to designing and implementing sustainable projects and programs with lasting impact. 


We repeatedly work with passion by maintaining a high level of commitment and impactful outcomes for our programs


We work in collaboration as a team and a community in achieving all our big and small goals.

Sponsors and Partners

We work with forward thinking organisations and institutions from all over the world in making a huge and impactful difference on our continent.

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