We are Transforming Africa by raising Leaders who will transform their communities

For Africa to be developed across all sectors, we believe transformational leadership will shape her future where everyone has access to quality education, decent housing, potable water and strong economies.

OMLA Volunteers at work

Who we are ?

Africa has the youngest population of all continents on earth, with an amazing amount of entrepreneurial energy and hope for the future. Business opportunities abound across the continent, but they will have to be explored in sustainable ways in collaboration with and led by a new generation of sustainably and socially literate leaders.

How to get Involved

With as low as $5 monthly commitment, you can help us raise one leader in a local community in 12 months.

You can help us actualize our vision by donating your time and skill anywhere you are in the world.

We believe our Starlets can become transformational leaders when we train at very young age

OMLA Handwashing training event for COVID-19 Prevention