One Million Leaders Africa Fellowship

We envision training One Million young African Leaders by 2030 in:

Leadership for a better Future
Social Innovation and Social Entrepreneurship


With well over half of the African population being young people under 35, our continent’s future is counting on the work we put in right now!

One man, Nelson Mandela, transformed South Africa. Imagine a Nelson Mandela in each African country! And imagine One Million Nelson Mandela all over the continent! We want to raise one million Young Leaders who will create lasting change in Africa by 2030.

One Million Leaders Africa is an organization that intends to harness the positive energy of African youth and help train a whole new generation of leaders across the continent, who can help put Africa on a more sustainable course.

OMLA Fellows Categories

OMLA Fellows
The young African leaders (Fresh University Graduates, between the ages of 18 and 30) who will partake in the boot camp and who become our trainers.
OMLA Stars
Promising leaders (in Secondary Schools and Tertiary Institutions) who are trained by the OMLA Fellows.
OMLA Starlets
Promising leaders who are trained by the OMLA Stars. They are organized in religious centers, schools and communities.


The OMLA Fellowship is open to all Africans living in any African country, to maintain the fellowship’s quality we only select those who meet our prerequisites. We find promising young African leaders as OMLA Fellows who are:

Fresh University Graduates, Burning with passion for a New Africa
Able to attend the boot camp
Not involved in prior fellowships
Available to commit a year; 3 months fulltime and 7 months part time to teaching the OMLA curriculum at designated schools .

How the Fellowship Works

Phase 1 Engagement

After attending the bootcamp, Fellows will teach the OMLA curriculum for Leadership, Sustainability, Social Innovation and Social Entrepreneurship for 3months in selected OMLA schools.  The participating schools will be selected by the Fellows. 

Prior to this, OMLA will be registered with the relevant government bodies or agencies (Education Ministry) as the case may be in each country. Fellows will be paid stipends for their first 3 months of engagement.

Rear view of african american boy with arm up in classroom with teacher and classmates

Phase 2 Engagement

After the 3 months of teaching, Fellows will also oversee the stepdown trainings of starlets led by their own stars for the next 7 months.

Alongside teaching the OMLA curriculum in the first 3 months during the one year of commitment, fellows are obligated to spearhead community development projects with their stars and starlets. The secretariat will provide the framework and limitations of possible community development projects.

African American Woman at Business Conference

Final Phase Engagement

After the one year of commitment, the OMLA Fellows, Stars and Starlets are introduced to a vibrant Alumni community where they can network and join forces with other Alumni to transform Africa. 

The Alumni will be privy to life transforming opportunities in different categories such as scholarships, job placements, internships, grants, exchange programs and trainings. In addition to the community benefits, the Alumni will also have access to a free month high quality virtual training on Next Leaders University,(NLU) Japan. 

OMLA Pilot Year

In the first 3 months of the OMLA empowerment year;

60 Fellows Across Africa Are Selected For The Boot Camp.

Each Fellow Steps Down His/Her Training To 100 Stars Either In A Secondary School Or An Higher Institution Of Learning:
60*50= 3000 Stars

In the remaining 7 months of the OMLA empowerment year;

Each of the (3000) Stars steps down his/her training to 5 Starlets per month either in school, religious organisations or communities: 3000*5*7= 105,000 Starlets

At the end of the OMLA (pilot) year, a total of (105,000+3,000+60) leaders 108,060 would have been trained.

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